Wireframing, Requirements Gathering, Programming, Management, User Research, User Testing

Programming Languages

Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, LESS, Jade


Tornado, jQuery, React, Wintersmith, Bootstrap


MySQL, Redis


EC2, S3, Cloudfront, SES, ElastiCache, Route53, Git, Nginx


Duke University, Durham, NC
May 2009

  • B.S.E - Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science
  • Dean’s List - Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2008
  • Eta Kappa Nu - Spring 2009

Queen Mary University of London, London, UK
Fall 2007


Dealflicks, Inc.
May 2012 - Present

Co-founder, CTO

  • Making movie night sweeter.

Bullet Media, Inc./iRecess, Inc.
July 2011- April 2012

Product Engineer, Web Developer

  • Designed and prototyped web-app front-end using Agility.js.
  • Built Tornado proxies to CouchDB.
  • Configured Nginx for reverse-proxying and url rewriting.
  • Implemented background tasks using Celery.
  • Wrote a distributed webscraper in Python that was scaled using PiCloud.
  • Wrote a Python module to interface with TaxCloud.
  • Integrated Stripe payment processing.

Product Engineer, iOS Developer

  • Designed and built 3 mini-games for the iPad: Snowboarding Bear, 4-in-a-Row, and Memory Cards.
  • Implemented safe chat using websockets via Pusher.
  • Designed a framework that parsed plists and generated a wizard for virtual world interactions.
  • Wrote a TestFlight uploader script to quickly upload new release builds.

Deloitte Consulting, LLP
Winter 2011-July 2011 Consultant

  • Designed and built a voice-to-case web application deployed in Heroku and integrating with Twilio.
  • Managed USI team members to develop and implement practice initiatives.
  • Worked alongside clients to integrate Salesforce into their existing technology environments.

Fooala, Inc.
Spring 2009-Fall 2010

Co-founder, Product Engineer, Software Engineer, Sales Executive, Marketing Manager, Customer Support Representative

  • Architected a Ruby on Rails, distributed web crawler for scraping and reconciling restaurant information and menus
  • Utilized deep zoom imaging technology to create an embeddable menu viewing widget
  • Designed and implemented commission sharing system for affiliate revenue share program
  • Created a Javascript based rich user interface for inputting text menus
  • Designed and marketed a Facebook game that lead to a 100% increase in sales
  • Used sequence alignment algorithms to insert restaurant widgets into directory pages
  • Sold restaurant online ordering technology to restaurants and restaurant delivery services
  • Pioneered a partnership with Pittsburgh Magazine to integrate our white label online ordering services
  • Handled customer support for restaurants and consumers

Programmable Time-lapse, Panoramic Compact Camera
Fall 2008

Embedded System Designer

  • Programmed PIC microcontroller firmware using C18
  • Designed a PCB to interface camera switches, servo motor, and LEDs to a microcontroller

Summer 2008

Software Design Engineer in Test

  • Communicated with various engineers, gathered design information, and developed a new test tool
  • Wrote test design specifications and created automation for verifying new features

Information Sharing Using a Mobile Phone Platform
Spring 2008

Independent Study Researcher

  • Created a mobile phone and web application to allow location based communication in real time
  • Co-authored paper describing a K-anonymity system that preserves location privacy

Cisco Systems
Summer 2007

Hardware Engineering Intern

  • Presented on Media Access Security specification 802.1AE to engineering group
  • Created Media Access Security test API for hardware verification of data center switches

Duke Immersive Virtual Environment (DIVE), Durham, NC
Fall 2005-Spring 2007

Lab Assistant

  • Created 3D Breakout, an interactive game where users use a virtual paddle to knock down pillars